If your food could talk, it would probably says “choose me”. And that is exactly what we make possible at Eachthing. You mean, talking food? Yes. But most of all we are just helping you to know your products.

Food is community. Food is safety. Food is fuel. Food is challenging. Food is courage. Food is pleasure. Food is culture. Food is tradition. But whatever food else might be, we believe at Eachthing that each individual decide how they prefer their food.

In order to take care of your needs as best as possible, Eachthing are operating with what one would call artificial intelligence, i.e. using a machine to carry out tasks in a smart way.

In other words, we are connecting the goods on the shelves and your preferences and buying happids. This way, we are making it possible for the consumer to gain individual information on the products they meet – no matter if it is chicken or coffee.

To help the consumers in the best way, our believes is that it is not enough to gather more information or making it more accessible. Who wants to be overloaded by indifferent noise?

To know one’s products is to create a story about yourself and what you buy. Information have to be relevant, and that’s exactly why Eachthing are using artificial intelligence. Doing so we are reducing the complexity of communicating from manufactures to consumers, and at the same time we are making the product information the consumers are searching as individual relevant as possible.

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