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Do you find it hard to navigate in a jungle of product information? Find out what’s actually in your shopping cart with eachthing.

Our features are designed to make it easy for you to find the information, products and inspiration you need to be able to make choices based on your personal needs and values.

By creating a user, you gain access to information on more than 1.000,000 products, and we continuously improve and add to our product universe.

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How can you easily make sure that a product meets your needs and values?

Once you have created a user and selected your preferred filters, labels and certifications, we match it to the product information and generate a match score for every single product. We offer you a quick way of finding out if the product is in line with your needs and values, so you can make the most informed buying decision possible.

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Do you want to eat vegetarian and organic, support Fairtrade and avoid microplastics at the same time?

Eachthing got you covered. When you search for a product, we filter the results based on your criteria. You don’t have to waste a lot of time to find information you need.

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With an eachthing user, you build your own personal profile and define what’s important to you when you grocery shop. By choosing which filters, labels and certifications you want, you get to decide what product information you’ll see, and how this affects your personal match scores.

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Find inspiration to try new products that match your needs and values through guides and hashtags on eachthing.



Help create transparency

To give you the best and most precise personal match scores, we need the best and most precise product information. Often, more information about the products is needed. You can help ensure this by requesting information from the manufacturer and give products recommendations.

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