In Denmark we trust in each other. Also, when it comes to food. A tradition, that we here at Eachthing want to export globally by making product information transparant and easy accessible.

H.C. Andersen. Lego. Hygge. Three things, which probably makes you think of a land in the far north by the name of Denmark. Meanwhile at Eachthing, we are working on something completely different: Food trust and transparency.

As one of the most digitalized countries in the world, Denmark is especially known for two things, which have an impact on the food industry. First of all, we have a tradition of tracking the products and sharing the collected data with relevant stakeholders. Secondly, the degree of corruption in Denmark is one of the lowest in the world - we build our society and norms on credibility.

At Eachthing we are working on an application to increase the trust between manufactures and consumers. Therefore, the danish way is an approach we identify ourselves with. Both are representing an inspiring combination, which we at Eachthing want to make globally available for all consumers, and thereby we believe we can increase the trustworthiness of manufacturers and products.

“In these years we are witnessing an increasing demand towards trust and transparency. Our vision is to help consumers to get the information they need from the goods, before they are dropping them into the basket – no matter if you are conscious about the content of the baby food or wants to check the origin of the organic vegetables”, says CEO, Sven Philipsen.

To pave the way for a better dialogue within the food industry, is meanwhile not enough. Our visions go further:

Our ambition is not only to make it easier for the consumers to learn about foodstuff. In the future we will expand and do the exact same for other product types as example technology and fashion.

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