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For those of us who want real vanilla in our products

Within vanilla flavor, there is a hierarchy that ranges from natural to chemically produced flavors:

The vanilla hierarchy:

1. The vanilla bean is vanilla in its most original form.

2. Vanilla extract is extracted by placing vanilla sticks in brine so that the flavor is extracted.

3. Natural vanilla aroma is an aroma in which a minimum of 95 percent. of the contents must come from the vanilla bean, while the remaining 5 percent. must be other natural tastes.

4. Natural vanilla aroma with other natural aromas contains less than 95 percent. real vanilla.

5. Natural aroma can contain real vanilla, but the vanilla taste can also come from the flavoring vanillin, which is found naturally in, for example, pine and nutmeg.

Aroma or vanilla aroma contains nothing natural but is instead chemically produced vanillin.

From DR article: Source: Jan Grøndal, director of Einar Willumsen, who extracts and develops taste for the food industry.

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