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Why use it?

Palm oil is a climate sinner - but it is difficult to avoid.

Palm oil, and other products made from palm, many different names, so it is difficult to see if there is palm oil in a product. Also, palm oil is one of the best vegetable oils because the palm is so effective. In trying to support the climate, you may end up choosing a product with a vegetable oil that is even worse.

What can we do?

We can choose products with sustainable palm oil, but it can be difficult, because manufacturers do not always tell us how the palm oil is obtained. Once you are logged in to eachthing, and have subscribed to this filter, you can check for palm oil and other ingredients derived from palm production by scanning the barcode on an item, or searching by item name.

On the products you can ask the manufacturer about how the palm oil is obtained and whether it is sustainably certified. In this way, together we can let the producers know that we will only buy products that do not destroy our climate through deforestation and the destruction of homes for both animals and humans.

Welcome to the fight against unsustainable palm oil!

How does it work?

This filter helps you by verifying the following things in relation to the purpose of this filter: